English Manor featured on French TV 

5 Jul 2021 13:12 by Kate Moore

As language immersion specialists we were keenly aware that travel restrictions were preventing English learners from practising their language in a real life setting. That's why we developed a fantastic English language programme, called the English Manor, for French school groups who aren't able to travel to the UK due to COVID restrictions.

English Manor featured on French TV 

Our innovative English immersion programme at Château de la Baudonnière in Normandy has been featured on French TV news! 

The news crew from France.tv spent a day following a school group from Collège du Sacré-Coeur, Domfront en Poiraie as they experienced the English Manor Programme at the Château.

The report features an interview with our Château manager Darren as well as staff and students from the school.

You can watch the news report here (the English Manor features at 9 minutes 30 seconds).


The English Manor programme is set to stay

The English Manor programme is proving so incredibly popular and we expect the English programme to become a permanent fixture at the Château, even after COVID travel restrictions are lifted. 

Schools tells us that they are concerned that new post-Brexit rules will prevent French school groups from entering the UK on an id card and this could make school language trips to the UK prohibitively expensive. 

Meet a British school group

Traditionally we've hosted British school groups at Château de la Baudonnière where they enjoy an immersive week learning French. But COVID travel restrictions have prevented schools travelling from the UK since March 2020.

Once British school groups are able to return to the centre we plan to add a school exchange option to the English Manor programme where English learners can meet groups visiting from England and work together on an on-site activity during their stay to create an even more authentic 'English' experience.

To learn more about our English language programme at Château de la Baudonnière in Normandy, click on this link.

Darren Benson, manager of the English Manor, is filmed by the France.tv news crew.  

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